A beautiful morning at the Victoria Falls

A beautiful morning in Livingstone. Blue sky. Sunshine. Warm. After weeks of English weather with countless hours of rain and grey days this is so much better. This is a long weekend. Livingstone was supposed to be full of tourists from all over the world. Sadly the opposite is the reality. Livingstone, which entirely relies on tourism, is slowly turning in to a ghost town. So many businesses have shut doors for good. But this is a different story: What can be done to make Livingstone future pandemic resilient?

It’s Sunday morning. My son Liam and I are having our breakfast. Seeing all the photos and headlines on social media of the Victoria Falls being at the highest level in decades even before the peak of the flood season made our decision very easy what we are doing today: Heading to the Victoria Falls. It’s time to get soaked. I hope that the photos can give you the push to head down to the Tourist Capital. Livingstone is calling!