Everyone is talking about “Responsible Travel” nowadays but what does it actually mean? Does it mean anything to the company your are travelling with? What is this “Responsible Travel” for Zamsato?

To be frank with you for us at Zamsato it means that we are registered in Zambia and taxed in Zambia. We have our bank accounts in Zambia. We operate in Zambia and we support Zambia with our taxes, by buying Zambian products and buying from the local markets.

Of cause it has its challenges but instead of supporting the foreign supermarket chains we prefer to shop local. This way we help to keep the liquidity, the cash in the country.

It makes us happy when our guests want to support a local school for instance but please by the notebooks, pencils, crayons, chalk,… from our local shops. You will help the kids and support our local businesses.

When buying fresh produce we buy from local markets. We know that it comes from the region and our money helps feeding a family. In average one breadwinner feeds 10 people. These women and men at the markets are there everyday of the year. If it rains or it’s windy, cold or hot, they are there and guess what? They smile.

We don’t waste food. If we have leftovers from our meals we don’t just throw them away. We give them to people we randomly meet or the staff at camps and lodges.

We don’t pay bribes. Our licenses are optained in an honest manner. We do not entertain shortcuts.

We don’t put people on display. We are frequently ask by our guests to meet locals or visit their homes. We support the interaction between locals and guests. This is how we learn from each other. But! This is done with the consent from both sides. If permission is not given to take photos of people than it means “NO”. We respect this and demand this from our guests too.

Responsible Travel means that everyone is benefiting.