As Safari Season 2024 approaches, we’re gearing up for the adventure that lies ahead. To begin, let’s take a moment to reflect.

Year after year, our safaris have the privilege of hosting guests from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds. In the past Safari Season of 2023, a significant number of participants hailed from India and Italy. The question arises: will this trend persist into Safari Season 2024? Our optimism is high, as we eagerly anticipate an influx of visitors to Zambia. Our ultimate goal is to immerse them in Zambia’s rich wildlife and cultural heritage, forging lasting connections.

Among the highlights of 2023, a standout was the Visa Fee Waiver for travelers to Zambia from regions spanning the EU, the Americas, and select Asian countries. Impressively, citizens of more than 100 nations can now explore Zambia for up to 90 days without incurring a visa fee. Discover whether your country qualifies through this link:

The continuity of our Tented Safaris with predefined departure dates to Western Zambia is assured. For Safari Season 2024, we’ve integrated fresh departure dates, preserving the existing itineraries. While certain prices have undergone adjustments, the opportunity to secure an incredible 15% discount on our Tented Safaris remains. By reserving and placing a deposit before December 31, 2023, you can avail this offer using the coupon code “Early2024.”

In the realm of infrastructure, the ongoing enhancement of the Livingstone – Sesheke – Road is underway. Our expectations include reduced travel durations and fewer disruptions. An enduring challenge on the path to Liuwa Plain National Park has been the formidable sandbanks following the Luanginga River crossing in Kalabo. Fortunately, a modern bridge has replaced the manually operated pontoon. While this shift may reduce the element of adventure, it grants ample time to savor the expansive splendor of Liuwa’s open plains.

The provided safari options serve as mere illustrations, providing a glimpse into the realm of possibilities. We wholeheartedly encourage you to leverage the “Your safari starts here” link on our main navigation. This tool empowers you to tailor your journey by selecting preferred regions to explore, desired activities, and naturally, accommodating your budget. Allow us to craft a bespoke safari itinerary exclusively for you—a voyage that perfectly aligns with your preferences.