Zamsato Hinterland Transport - always on the lookout

After our Mulobezi Train Experience we have switched back on to the road. This time we have to deliver beehives to Moomba, Kauwe and Nguba. Moomba was supposed to be done by train but the Moomba Agri Camp Officer convinced me to use the Ndundumwezi track. I’d have never listened to him. This track is not only very sandy which I knew but got lots of diversions to bypass muddy areas. The diversions are not made for oversized trailers. We moved at a snails pace until, yes until we got stuck between trees because the corner was to sharp and the trailer couldn’t fit. Of cause such things happen only at night. It took us more than an hour to free us with axe and shovel working hard. Way after midnight we continued our journey to Moomba. As we are delivering beehives for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock I expected to find an officer at the delivery site as we had it at the other places where we delivered before. At least in Moomba the officer showed up, in Kauwe and Nguba they didn’t even come.

Developing rural areas

Looking at the state of the tracks one can only wonder how the Zambian Government intends to bring development to rural areas. During colonial times and later under KK those tracks were maintained and bridges built. Most of the infrastructure is dilapidated and needs to be rebuild from scratch. In Nguba we heard the words “We don’t have roads.” many times. Just before reaching the village there is a deep washout on the track and it could be easily filled. Plenty of manpower is available in Nguba but nothing happens. People sit at the tavern drinking the whole day, complaining and lamenting how bad everything is. No initiative to make it better but it could be so easy.