When I came to Zambia in June 2005 for the first time I’d not have imagined that in 2019 I’m still here. In fact Africa was never on my radar. My dream destination was Australia but I ended up in Zambia, in Livingstone. Just a stone throw away from the mighty Victoria Falls.

In my previous life I was a banker. A well paid job but very boring. Initially I wanted to take a sabatical which was rejected. I decided to quit completely and guess what? I never regreted my decision. This was back in 2002 and after a couple of stops in between, like Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden I was suddenly in Zambia. This was in June 2005.

I worked for a short time at a German travel agency and used the first opportunity to “escape”. FAM-trip to Botswana. And here I am.

First it was all strange, all chaotic. Time? Minutes become less important. It took me a while to adjust to this. Basically you get up with sunrise and at sunset the day is done. Ok. Not that extreme. In general everything is a bit slower. Understood. Keep in mind that the midday temperature can reach the mid-40’s.

This was my first safari. Okavango Delta. The biggest inland delta on this planet. 15 days camping safari around it. I’ve camped in black bear areas in Canada but next to lions, leopards, elephants? I was thrilled. Listening to the sounds of the nature at night. All the strange sounds. Soon I learnt to distingish the calls for Impala, Kudu, Lion, Hippo and the trumpeting of the Elephant. I got hooked.

On a relaxed mokoro cruise in the Okavango Delta I asked Heiko, owner of Bush Ways Safari, if I can join and work for him. 6 weeks later I arrived and started as a Mobile Safari Translator. My route was the 2 weeks camping safari around the Okavango Delta. Translating the African English to the German guests.

Now it’s 2019 and I’m still loving the wilderniss. Having my own company and love to take our guests in to the African wilderniss. Everytime is new. Every safari is exciting.