Jimmy Kakoma from Lingulyangulya village in Mulobezi District in Western Province has a dream: building the Lifasi Trust School in his village to provide better education for all. Since 2016 he’s working hard to make his dream a reality. He managed to convince the headman to give him a piece of land for the school. He got a football pitch too. The Lifasi Trust School was registered with PACRA (Patent and Company Registration Authority) in April 2021. Lifasi means “the whole world” in siLozi, the main language here.

This man is serious. It is 250km from the village to Livingstone. By car it takes 8hrs of driving to cover this distance. By train it is much longer. To do the registration he traveled to Lusaka which is a 4 day journey in total.

Jimmy did not finish school and went only up to Grade 7. The next secondary school was to far away for him to attend. The children of Lingulyangulya have a better chance in life once the school is built. Education is the key to success.

The first group of learners | Lifasi Trust School


The first learners at Lifasi Trust School

The pre-school has started with 21 children a couple of weeks ago. The classes take place in the shade of a tree. The rainy season is approaching fast and a shelter needs to be build.

The school is one part. There is no borehole nearby. During dry season it’s a long way to fetch water. To change this a borehole is on the list too.

Football is the most popular sport especially for boys. The girls usually play netball. A football academy is another dream. If this becomes reality than hopefully in the not to distant future the Lifasi Young Stars will play in the Zambian MTN Super League.

Our approach as Zamsato is to spread the word about this project and help with funding. We will take 3% from every paid booking and donate it to Lifasi Trust School. Of cause we hope to find well-wishers who can come onboard. The list of needed items is long. Our aim is to buy everything from small local shops. Not from the big foreign owned chain stores. In doing so we support our Zambian shops and help to secure the jobs here in Zambia.

How you can help?

This new project is in need of basically anything. From scribble books to crayons, from paper to rulers and pens, to desks and chairs, and a million things more. Most of these things are available in Zambia and can be bought locally (if you would like us to arrange this for you, let us know by emailing us at: going.wild@zamsato.net).

In 2023 we plan to sink a borehole on the school ground as there is no source of clean drinking water nearby. This will cost an estimate K50,000.00 ( ~ USD2,000.00 ) and afterwards a 1 x 3 Standard Classroom Block.

It should be stressed, however, that any contributions are entirely a matter of personal choice and no pressure is brought to bear on anyone to participate.