Destination: Mikumi NP

Mikumi NP, as accessible as it is, is the most appealing Park for a safari. This Park will give a true taste of an African safari while preserving your precious time.

It has a variety of wildlife that can be easily seen. Its closeness to Dar-es-Salaam makes it an ideal place for weekend visitors who don’t have to spend a long time on an extended safari itinerary.

Mikumi NP is set between the Uluguru Mountains to the north and the Lumango Mountains to the south-east. It hosts Buffaloes, Giraffes, Elephants, Lions, Zebras, Leopards, Hippos, Crocodiles, and many more just to mention but a few.

The park derives its name from the Palmyra palm (Borassus aethiopum) which once grew there. The park covers an area of 3,230km².

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